A New Opportunity for Early Career Investigators

The CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars program provides funding and support to help scholars build their network and develop essential skills to become the next generation of research leaders. Researchers within five years of their first academic appointment from anywhere in the world are eligible to apply.

Azrieli Program in Brain, Mind & Consciousness

The quality of our consciousness is what sets us apart from other species, and seems to be one of the defining traits of being human.

HKU quantum scientist Dr Giulio Chiribella selected Asia’s first CIFAR-Azrieli Global Scholar

As our world becomes increasingly connected, ideas move faster than they ever did before. New global challenges are emerging that require researchers to venture outside the boundaries of their traditional fields.

Global scholars recruited by Canadian institute

A Canadian institute with global reach has appointed its first cohort in a new scheme that aims to attract some of the world’s best early career researchers.