A Cry in Unison

91-year-old first-time author discusses her survival and the specificity of women’s experiences during the Holocaust.

Surviving Again: How Needy Holocaust Survivors Cope with Poverty

His studio apartment in North York, no more than 20-by-18 feet, is where he spends most of his time alone. It’s furnished entirely through donations and he sometimes has to put up with cockroaches.

Holocaust survivor Nate Leipciger shares emotional story with students

After listening to Nate Leipciger recount his experience of discriminatory laws, ghettos, concentration camps and sexual abuse, Fiona Kaldeway asked if she could give him a hug, and they did.

Holocaust survivor shares his message of survival with Indigenous students in Kenora Up North

Nate Leipciger has taken his message of hope and resilience to students in the Kenora area. Many of those young people are from area First Nations and are children of residential school survivors.