Azrieli Foundation makes single largest donation to Bar-Ilan University

November 23, 2017.

By injecting $50 Million into BIU’s School of Medicine, the Azrieli Foundation hopes to change the landscape of healthcare and medical education in northern Israel.

The donation, which was made in 2015, was recognized this week by changing the name to the Azrieli School of Medicine. The celebration was attended by enthusiastic medical students, professors, Azrieli Foundation board members and politicians.

Located in the city of Safed, the newly-named Azrieli Faculty of Medicine at Bar-Ilan University opened its doors in October 2011 in response to a nationwide shortage of physicians and the need to upgrade medical services and infrastructure in the region. Now completing its sixth year of operation, the Medical School has already graduated close to 150 new physicians, and is home to nearly 600 students enrolled in MD programs, medical research programs, combined MD/PhD programs and postdoctoral programs.

Bar-Ilan University is well-positioned to address the increasing need for highly-trained medical professionals; to reverse Israel’s “brain drain” phenomena by bringing home students, teachers and researchers from some of the most prestigious institutions abroad; and, to provide quality healthcare and employment opportunities to the citizens of northern Israel.

“This school epitomizes so many of the values that matter to us,” said Naomi Azrieli, Chair and CEO of the Azrieli Foundation Canada.

“This school epitomizes so many of the values that matter to us,” said Naomi Azrieli, Chair and CEO of the Azrieli Foundation Canada. “It is one of the cornerstones of our organization to support excellence in, and access to, higher education, as well as to catalyze scientific and medical research. We are delighted to partner with Bar-Ilan to provide a new platform for clinical studies for students, and also to increase the capacity of the University and the country for basic medical research, which will have wide-reaching benefits.”

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The Azrieli’s Foundation’s investment is being matched by a $50 million donation from the government of Israel. Danna Azrieli, Chair of Azrieli Group and Azrieli Foundation in Israel added, “The Azrieli Foundation is proud to be part of the Zionist vision of building a medical school that infuses the northern region’s hospitals and communities with young doctors and world class researchers. We feel privileged to be partners with the State of Israel’s and Bar Ilan University’s mission to train the next generation of doctors, expand medical research infrastructures, and offer excellent healthcare to the diverse Jewish, Arab and Druze communities who choose to live in one of Israel’s most beautiful areas.”

“We are deeply humbled by the Azrieli Foundation’s faith in our mission to revolutionize medical care in northern Israel, whose citizens deserve the same access to the finest medical services as those in the center of the country,” said University President Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz, who was a former minister of science, technology and space, in acknowledging the gift.

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