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Meet the finalists

Learn more about the three INfinity Prize finalists. The INfinity Prize will be awarded to a Canadian social enterprise that has demonstrated best practices for creating meaningful and sustainable employment for neurodivergent people.

Putting neurodiversity to work: a five-step guide

The Azrieli Foundation has assembled this action-oriented resource to motivate Canada’s employers to expand their equity, diversity and inclusion efforts to embrace hiring neurodivergent people.

“This prize is going to have impact – and that impact will snowball. It’s sending the message that neurodiversity is part of the ecosystem in a really active and important way.”
Wanda Deschamps
Founder and Principal, Liberty Co
Our History
The Azrieli Foundation is transforming the future of Canada

The INfinity Prize launches to recognize Canadian social enterprises employing neurodivergent people.


The Foundation reaches a milestone in disbursing more than $80M per year.


The Foundation drives breakthroughs in science and clinical medical research by investing in world-class institutions.


The Azrieli Music Prizes (AMP) launch to help recognize the vital role music and the arts play in Canada.


The Azrieli Fellows Program is developed to fund researchers at Israel’s leading academic institutions and promote scientific innovation.


The Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program is created. This program has now published 120+ survivor stories.


The Azrieli Institute for Educational Empowerment is developed. Today, it has reached more than 70,000 children in Israel.


The Azrieli Foundation is established by David J. Azrieli, z"l, and begins to implement his philanthropic vision in Canada and Israel.

Community News
April 13, 2023
Global News: Future of Work: Supporting people with disabilities find meaningful employment
Canadian Association for Supported Employment executive director Joanna Goode explains how supported employment works and how it can be used to benefit both employees and employers.
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Dec 15, 2021
Fast Company: Neurodivergent people make great leaders, not just employees
One of the most pernicious stereotypes is that neurodivergent people are only a good fit for subordinate positions or working in highly technical or individual roles.
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May 2017
Harvard Business Review: Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage
A growing number of companies […] have reformed their HR processes in order to access neurodiverse talent—and are seeing productivity gains, quality improvement, boosts in innovative capabilities, and increased employee engagement as a result.
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The INfinity Prize Judges & Advisory Panel
Learn about our esteemed judges and advisory council.
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About The INfinity Prize

The INfinity Prize is the first competition to focus on employment social enterprises for Canada’s neurodivergent community. The prize will help create employment equity and opportunities, boost awareness and help to create a more diverse and inclusive society.

Why did the Azrieli Foundation create the INfinity Prize? 

In January 2022, the Azrieli Foundation challenged itself to increase the rate of employment and ensure meaningful and equitable career opportunities for neurodivergent adults. We identified the employment social enterprise sector as a key to enhancing employment.  

Who judges the prizes?

The expert panel of judges is comprised of five people who provide unique experiences, skills and perspectives, including: Wanda Deschamps, Garth Johnson, Caroline von Hirschberg and Erica Barbosa Vargas.

What do the winners receive?

The prize winner will receive a $100,000 award, professional coaching and support from the Azrieli Foundation.

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