The Azrieli Foundation upholds David J. Azrieli’s z”l architectural legacy by promoting the next generation of architects, scholars, designers and engineers in Canada and Israel, and helping to inspire the landscapes that will shape our future.

Azrieli Architecture Center in Israel

The Azrieli Architecture Center, established in 2022, consolidates all the Foundation’s Israeli architecture initiatives, strengthening synergy between the programs for greater impact on architectural education in Israel.

Programs Operated by the Azrieli Architecture Center

Azrieli Architecture Prize

The Azrieli Prize in Architecture is the most prestigious award for architecture students in Israel. The award acknowledges and supports creativity, originality and architectural quality.

Azrieli Annual Symposium

Since 2015, the Azrieli Foundation has held the Azrieli Architecture Symposium. The event is organized by Architecture fellows and alums. It gathers students, researchers, faculty members and alumni from the six schools of architecture in Israel. The symposium provides an opportunity for academic discourse with prominent academics in the field.

Grants and Initiatives in Israel

Architecture Grants and Initiatives in Canada

We support excellence in architectural education in Canada and encourage the global exchange of novel approaches and ideas.

Carleton University: The David Azrieli School of Architecture

McGill University: David Azrieli Architectural Lecture Series

Through our Azrieli Global Studio initiative, we bring together the four schools of architecture at Carleton University, McGill University, Technion and Tel Aviv University, providing students opportunities for global engagement through a collaborative international exchange program.

Design and Engineering

We support education programs that promote excellence in design and engineering.

Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem: Center for Excellence in Engineering Education

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design: Azrieli Faculty of Design

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and nurture potential, wherever it exists, with the resources and the wisdom necessary to open the doors to a better world — one individual at a time.

How we work

At the Azrieli Foundation we are passionate about a rigorous but creative approach to philanthropy, strategic collaborations, leadership and bold thinking. We believe these are the keys to knowledge that will create positive outcomes for future generations. We aim to achieve measurable impact in our priority funding areas and to improve the lives of others.

Our work in Fellowships

By providing resources and opportunities to young academics, the Azrieli Foundation supports those who will lead change with their creative thinking, cross-pollination of ideas and innovative contributions.

Our work in Music, Arts & Culture

Music and the arts allow us to express our creativity, expand our understanding of the world and foster cultural exchanges. The Azrieli Foundation supports organizations that discover, elevate and amplify creative voices, granting access to meaningful musical and artistic experiences that exhibit excellence and enrich our quality of life.