Philanthropy begins in the heart.   

It starts with compassion, grows into curiosity, and then becomes a call to action. In answering this call, we hope to make a positive impact and improve lives. 

This vision of a journey to impact was instilled in me and my sisters, Sharon and Danna, by our father, David Azrieli, who started the Azrieli Foundation 31 years ago. It has guided us in our work to support initiatives that better the lives of people in Canada, Israel and beyond.   

As we reflected on the past year, we were reminded of the saying: “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” The journey is what tells the story. The creativity, commitment and perseverance shown by our grantee partners and the communities we serve make for stories worth telling.   

Naomi Azrieli, OC, D.Phil     
Chair and CEO
The Azrieli Foundation