NGO brings together Israeli and Palestinian entrepreneurs

Cofounders of Foodchain Ditsa Keren (L) and Yousef Aweidah in the AtoBe center at the Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem, in a screen capture taken on December 7, 2021.

50:50 promotes coexistence between diverse groups of people through entrepreneurship

While Israelis and Palestinians may be separated by politics, an Israeli NGO brings together entrepreneurs from both backgrounds.

50:50, a non-governmental organization, works to promote coexistence between diverse groups of people through entrepreneurship, i24NEWS reported.

With the idea that diversity leads to innovation, the NGO utilizes participants’ differences as a positive force in creating business.

Foodchain, a startup involved in the 50:50 program, works to fight against food waste.

Cofounders of Foodchain Ditsa Keren, an Israeli, and Yousef Aweidah, a Palestinian, met in the program and hope to complete their project within a month.

“[Our] idea is to connect surplus foods of businesses… with charities that can give this food to people who are in need,” Aweidah told i24NEWS.

The 50:50 group welcomes people from all kinds of capacities in regards to ethnicity, religion, gender, education, and profession.

Michael Mizrahi, head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Authority at the Azrieli College of Engineering in Jerusalem, spoke with i24NEWS at the entrepreneurship incubator AtoBe located in the school.

“Whatever we have in the college is at their disposal… They can meet any professor, take any academic course, and even get interns to work for them,” Mizrahi explained.

Conflicts do pose challenges to the organization, though.

Some participants left the 50:50 program in the midst of the conflict between Israel and Hamas that led to heightened tensions between Israelis and Palestinians throughout Israel.

“It was tough, to be honest, during these times… but with 50:50, after everything passed… we were able to communicate and everything was open,” Aweidah told i24NEWS.

Those who stayed are convinced that the episode strengthened their bonds and better equipped them to face challenges in their professional lives.

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