Third Graduate Studies Fellows Forum

March 31, 2022

Our third Graduate Studies Fellows Forum was held in-person and featured six excellent research lectures (Kudos to Mai Lazarus, Ohad Sorek, Orphée Senouf-Pilpoul, Motti Levy, Mor Rozner and Tamar Amishav); an important and interesting Fellow’s Corner about publishing in a top-ranking journal (delivered by Omer Kneller who shared best practices from his experience); a funny Kahoot game and an academic speed-dating session (both organized by our exceptional steering committee: Aviya Doron, Danielle Miller, Perle Nicolle-Hasid, Rotem Rozenblat, Orphée Senouf-Pilpoul, Gal Vishne).

It was excellent to see everyone and we are already looking forward to meeting up again in May!